Hello! My name is Mia. I'm a professional dreamer and avid collector of sunsets & scenery. Welcome to my home on the web and thank you for taking the time to visit.

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"HOW TO DREAM" MUSIC VIDEO from the Documentary "A Beautiful Walk" spotlighting the story of children living in the shadow of child-trafficking in Thailand.


Mia's sophomore release entitled "Who Is Sukey Rose?" was produced by veteran indie-rocker Jason Martin (Starflyer 59, Cold War Kids) and showcases her versatility in a unique blend of pop-rock, singer-songwriter tunes. With her trademark dissonant guitar chords and versatile vocals that go from whisper soft to power house growl, one could say that she's been cultivating her musical moves since birth. Indeed, Mia's love for music apparently began in the womb as her opera singing mother would often practice her arias while Mia's sensitive ears were developing. This kind of preternatural music education seems not to have lost its effect, as Mia grew up singing more than she would talk. Trained early on in piano and violin, Mia began to experiment with original composition by writing her own classical compositions on the piano. During her latter years, she moved from writing instrumental music to going through what she terms as her "pop star phase", writing sweet pop songs with such well-meaning lyrics as 'feel the passion move you'. Fast forward to a few years ago, when Mia picked up a guitar and began to pen and perform more intricate and personal songs, songs that have so far garnered a phenomenal response from audiences of all ages and reveal a continued evolution of her singular sound.

"Who Is Sukey Rose? In short, a fictional character about whom Los Angeles’ Mia Kim sings with verve and passion. It’s also an engaging concept album brimming with keyboard textures of all shapes and flavors... Equal parts sugar and edge, pop and rock, Mia’s album poses a question well worth listening to."

--Keyboard Magazine


Q: Where do you get the inspiration for your songs?
A:"Mostly from events happening around me, things I come up with in my head and strangely enough, news stories also trigger a lot of song ideas."

Q: Who is Sukey Rose?
A:"She's a fictional character that my second album is based on. To find out who she is, you have to buy the album!"

Q: How did you get the idea for fan-funding your album through The Sukey Rose Project?
A:"I originally got the idea from musician Jill Sobule who raised $80,000 for her next album. Seeing the power of fans coming together to help an artist make a work of art inspired me to try something similar but on a smaller scale."



  • Who Is Sukey Rose?

    Track Listing: 1. The Grand Exit 2. Oh, Sukey Rose 3. Safe 4. Marionette 5.Fool Moon 6. War 7. Enough 8. Don't Know Why 9. Miss Regret 10. Confession

    Who Is Sukey Rose - Mia Kim

  • How To Dream

    Theme Song for the Documentary "A Beautiful Walk", (Single Release)

    How To Dream - Mia Kim

  • Rumour of Flight

    Track Listing: 1. Bittersweet Home 2. Fierce 3. Life Inc. 4. Here With Me 5.Modern Psalm 6. Bring Me Back 7. Days Like These 8. Therapy 9. Uncover Me 10. Last Declaration

    Rumour of Flight - Mia Kim


LIVE at Genghis Cohen, Los Angeles

LIVE at Genghis Cohen, Los Angeles

I'M YOURS- Jason Mraz Cover
LIVE at Molly Malone's, Los Angeles


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For me, capturing images is a gift from above... a chance to relive some of the most gracious moments I've experienced in God's glorious creation and share those images with the world! I enjoy capturing the artistic interplay of light & dark and am particularly drawn to the mix of ocean & light, organic human movement and scenes of urban decay. All photos are by me, I hope they bring a ray of light into your day. More photos on flickr.


Blue streaked hair, paint daubed nails, and a refreshing iced green tea soy latte at her grab is what you can expect to see in an encounter with Mia Kim at, say, Starbucks. Creating and being an artist is at the forefront of who she is. Not confined to the title of a musician, Mia can also act—and she does it well. She was, after all, a theater and dance major in college. But not to mistake her energetic personality as her being an extrovert—it’s a big misconception that people have: “I’m actually a severe introvert who had to learn how to be outgoing.”

Pennsylvania is where Mia Kim hails from—Philly, to be exact. When asked about one major thing she doesn’t like about LA , it’s a close tie between traffic and the smog: “The traffic I can deal with, but the smog is awful because it makes me want to scrub the sky and I can’t.” Her metaphorical response to the sky as a canvas or surface is a telling fact—a true artist. When asked to proffer what she loves about LA, she's quick to mention So Cal's famed beaches. “My dad loves fishing so I grew up going to the beach. I love the ocean, the color of the water, sound of the waves, birds flying over-head, every single thing about it. My favorite artists' escape is the beach.”

Her name may be common, but ask her how she got it. “My mom studied opera and voice and so she named me Mia, which is based on the Italian [word] for ‘mine’”—bringing us to her innate love of music. All that singing she heard when she was in her mother’s womb must’ve had an effect. Mia Kim wrote her first instrumental song on the piano at 7 years of age and her first full song, complete with melody and lyrics, in high school. “The inspiration was a made up story in my mind, which is my usual inspiration when writing songs,” she says.

Mia Kim’s latest album Who is Sukey Rose? is one of those stories in her mind. Sukey Rose is an introspective fictional character that reflects snapshots of Mia, except in an exaggerated and beyond-extreme self who raises questions and issues about life, truth and love.

This is her second album, produced by Jason Martin of Starflyer 59. It carries added sweetness since it is her first fan-funded album for which she raised over $8,000. Expect a mix of indie pop rock with varying shapes and textures.

Some of her musical inspirations include Imogen Heap and Death Cab for Cutie, as well as nature. “God’s creation inspires me, especially natural sounds and natural scents of the air.”

In 2010, Mia Kim was featured alongside singer David Choi on Arirang TV, an international, English-language network from Seoul, Korea. She has also been featured in Audrey Magazine, Performer Magazine, MTV Iggy and Keyboard Magazine, in which music critic Michael Gallant nicely sums up two of her tracks:

“Oh, Sukey Rose” uses tremolo electric piano, soaring trance-like synths, and driving low-range piano to help tell the title character’s story, while “Safe” rides on energetic surf organ and shimmering Wurlitzer, propelled throughout by Mia’s powerful vocals. Equal parts sugar and edge, pop and rock, Mia’s album poses a question well worth listening to.”

-Bio by Annie Suh on behalf of Collaj Magazine.


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